Highrise Revolution
Raman Sapru
President - EPC, Omkar

Mumbai is a world city experiencing rapid influx of people from within the country as well as world over. We are also witnessing the growth of a globetrotting community amongst us and the influence of global living lifestyles.

This great city’s skyline is being shaped by a global and indian fusion of engineering and design talent with our vertical developments now moving towards the growth pattern of a Hong Kong or Shanghai.

The city with rising pressure on existing infrastructure is seeing newer CBD’s being established in different locations. This will result in breaking of hub and spoke system from office to residence and result in repositioning of CBD’s in new or existing residential locations.

Literally speaking, the city’s skyline is paving way to a construction revolution and Omkar is proud to be on the forefront in adopting the world’s best when it comes to construction technology. Today, we are using Jump Form, Tunnel Form, Pre-cast, Aluminium Formwork PEB across our various projects. We are adapting and implementing the best of global construction practices to offer products at par with international standards. Let me put it this way, ‘horses for courses.’

Tunnel Form gives tremendous edge over other construction technologies when it comes to speed of construction. For Omkar speed of construction is utmost important owing to record volume deliveries of rehab buildings in Mumbai. This technology is best suited for semi high-rise development where the product offering is fixed.

The adaption of innovative building technologies brings down the lead time for construction, has less human intervention which saves on labour cost benefitting the end user at large.

While this city historically had the European influence whereby the style is more horizontal and follows the gothic type of architecture school. Mumbai with limited land mass and burgeoning population has to go only vertical. In Mumbai and cities around South East Asia which has growing economies, major construction is straight line architecture which is more functional and has good form. This modern architecture is best suited to balance between form and function, hence going away from European style of design.

I feel lucky that, I am part of the change that Mumbai is presently undergoing. Rarely do you find such opportunities anywhere else in the country where we talk about super high-rise buildings. We are part of this big transformation which the coming generations will talk about.