Babulal Varma’s Impact on Mumbai’s redevelopment as the Owner of Omkar Realtors

In India’s premier real estate market, Mumbai, one name stands out for project implementation and vision – Babulal Varma, the owner of Omkar Realtors. With over three decades of experience and a focus on redevelopment, Varma has redefined the real estate industry in India, leaving a lasting impact. He is a prominent figure in the Indian real estate industry, known for his exceptional leadership qualities and innovative strategies. As the founding promoter of Omkar Realtors, he has played a critical role in reshaping Mumbai’s skyline with his redevelopment vision.

Varma’s Journey: From Contracting to Redevelopment

Before starting Omkar Realtors & Developers in 2003, Varma was involved in the industrial construction contracting business. Coming from a family with a construction background in Rajasthan and Gujarat, he initially focused on industrial construction and revamping royal havelis.

Driven by strong conviction and industry scope, Varma forayed into Mumbai’s redevelopment segment commencing Omkar Realtors & Developers in 2002.

Innovative Approaches: Putting Residents First

Varma’s approach to redevelopment stood out from the rest. Unlike a majority of developers  who relied on money and authoritarian work approach, Varma took a humane and resident-centric approach. He directly engaged and addressed the concerns and and wishlist of residents, surpassing their expectations with his time-bound and high quality housing deliveries.

Vision for the Future: Embracing Innovation

Babulal Varma has a clear vision for the future of real estate. He believes in embracing innovation and technology to stay relevant and adapt to changing needs. Varma sees great potential in sustainable construction practices, utilising energy-efficient and eco-friendly materials. He also recognizes the importance of creating compact living spaces that are affordable and convenient, catering to the growing urbanisation trend. His motto has been to offer “luxury” habitability to even the weakest sections of the societies staying in large-scale slums.

Transforming Mumbai’s Real Estate Landscape

Babulal Varma’s impact as the promoter owner of Omkar Realtors and Developers has been significant. His leadership and innovative approach have positioned the company as a market leader in Mumbai’s redevelopment industry. Varma’s focus on customer satisfaction, sustainability, and technology has set new benchmarks for vertical living standards.

With ambitious projects like Omkar Alta Monte, Signet by Omkar, Lawns & Beyond, Omkar 1973, and the Dhobi Ghat redevelopment, Varma continues to shape Mumbai’s skyline while keeping an eye on supporting state government to meet its slum-free vision for Mumbai.