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Buying Your Dream Home? Here’s Your Checklist To Do It Right

Home Buying Checklist

Buying a home is a dream of every man in this world. But, there are few who wish to buy the dream home that they always yearned for. Initially, investing in a residential property is always a difficult decision, as one is not confident of buying a residential property.

We have a checklist that will help you buy your dream home without any complications.

1. Book property at launch

When the builders or developers launch their new properties in town, they have best deals for their property. Right from payment plans to GST waivers, everything comes with an added advantage for you. These amazing offers are available at the launch of a property only. Once the launch is done, these offers are off the table. Booking a property at the launch saves you a huge amount and aids you financially for sealing the deal. Currently, there are many Real Estate Projects in Mumbai that offer great deals at the time of their property launch.

2. Invest in a city that provides value for money

Home investment is a one-time investment but, our business duties may want us to go places for years. Considering such situations, you should always invest in places that give you higher returns than investments. When you buy homes in areas (like BKC, Andheri, Thane, etc.) where everything is next to perfect, you get genuine buyers who propose great deals at the time of selling.

3. Deal with experienced real estate developers in the area you are looking to buy your dream home

The real estate developer plays a vital role in the process of buying a home. A former real estate developer has a thorough knowledge of any type of land property. On the other hand, a newbie real estate developer is raw in this field. Being in touch with a former real estate agent will make it easy for you to carry out the buying process smoothly without any issues.

4. Choose the right size for your home Nowadays, it has become a trend that if you are planning to buy a house, it must at least be a 2-3BHKs flat. But, this trending tradition becomes meaningless if you are just a family of two members. Investing in a 3BHKs apartment just because you get good returns on selling is futile. As you have to look after the maintenance of the empty rooms. You can also buy a compact apartment that combines a living room, bedroom and kitchen in a single room. This will help lessen your burden of maintenance and you also get perfect space to utilize as a family of two members. So, while buying, choose the size of your house considering the number of members in your family.

5. Look at basic amenities

New residential properties in Mumbai are coming up with different special amenities for their buyers. However, as a buyer, it is your duty to check if the real estate developers are providing you with the basic amenities or not. Looking at basic internal amenities as well as external amenities such as water, electricity, parking, elevators, etc. beforehand will save you from future troubles.

6. RERA Registration

The government has come up with Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) registration, and every real estate developer is ensuring that their project is RERA-compliant. That is the reason many Ongoing Residential Projects in Mumbai are RERA registered now. If the property you are going to buy is RERA registered, then you can trust the real estate developer since they can’t go back on their promises and will deliver the project on time. The RERA act has been brought up to make all the real estate transactions fair and for timely execution of a real estate property and thus, is largely beneficial for home buyers. If each point on this checklist is green, we wish you good luck in buying your dream home and if anyone of the point is red, do think twice before investing.

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