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Décor trends that will enliven your home

New age living has been inundated with a myriad home décor tips and trends. From blush velvet furniture adorning living rooms to vibrant tapestries taking up the vacant spots above beds, the ideas of beautifying a home are simply endless. And thanks to the presence of the internet, redoing the décor of your home has become a lot easier.

Here are some home decorating ideas to revamp your home:

1. Cozy Alcoves
Though it’s very much a part of a room, it creates an illusion of serene seclusion. An alcove is a hollow opening in a room that creates extra space. Some of the best ways to make use of an alcove are:
• Creating a mini library
• A comfortable sitting/lounging area
• A space to display favourite décor pieces

2. Peg boards
Make way for multi-use peg boards. Add one of these on the walls in your workspace, above the table to hang as many stationeries and knick-knacks on them. You can hang small potted plants and other decorative items too. This will clear out the clutter from your table and improve the look of your workspace.

3. Ladder shelves
They come in many materials and are modern. This is one of the many interior décor ideas that are multi-purpose. Ladder shelves can be used:
• To place plants, books, and other décor items
• As a dressing table
• Or as a storage unit in bathrooms

Again, ladder shelves are great for those who love their homes to look as spacious and organized as possible.

4. Colourful doors
Can’t commit to wall colours? Then opt for painting the main door instead. Whether it’s an intricate design or just a vibrant splash of colour, it’ll act as an accented décor piece and instantly add a bold look the to rest of the room.

5. Lanterns
Bring back the medieval charm with lanterns and give them a modern spruce. Mix and match lanterns of different shapes and designs with candle-light bulbs. This tip is sure to make your favourite room exude a breath-taking vibe.

The idea of sprucing up your room already looks a lot more enticing, no? Then get on these ideas today. They’re easy to incorporate and will give your home a lasting charm.

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