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How to Improve Rental Value of your Home?

How to Improve Rental Value of your Home

Maintaining the value of a property is important. Whether it’s for self-accommodation or leasing out, a well-maintained property makes the investment worthwhile for a long time. However, when it does come to renting the property out, it is crucial to have all the boxes checked to prove to the tenant that the home is reliable.

Improvements to increase rental value also has their advantages like: • ROI • Getting favourable rates on resale • Easy inspection approval

Here are some ways on how to keep a property well-maintained and increase the rental value of it:

1. Build a rapport with the tenants

This might not be a physical way to enhance the property’s appeal, but the way home owners present themselves does affect the way tenants view their homes. So, be amicable and approachable. Take your time to show them as many features of the property as you can.

2. Make way for bright and natural lighting

Bright lighting always makes a home look more spacious and welcoming. So, make sure the windows are kept in full display with proper framework. You can also position furniture in a manner where optimum lighting can be enjoyed.

3. Allow tenants space and permission for spruce ups

Even though tenants are looking for short term accommodations, they still in the end, look for a home. A space where they can seek comfort. Hence, it’s a good idea to allow them to have some freedom to spruce the space the way they like, but of course, within rules.

4. Talk about the amenities and connectivity

If your property is equipped with amenities, make sure to tell your tenants a bit about them. Amenities add appeal and assures them a comfortable lifestyle. Make sure to also let them know of the connectivity perks so that they don’t have any ‘pre-worries’ about commute hassles.

Everyone wants their home to be occupied by reliable tenants. However, it is also important for home owners to do their bit and make the home welcoming. After all, even tenants look forward to a home where they can confidently start new chapters of their lives. So, follow these helpful tips for increasing rental value of your home and strike the right impression with your tenants.

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