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Omkar Foundation Step Towards Inclusive Redevelopment

Omkar CSR

Omkar Realtors & Developers journey which started way back in 2003 is especially focused on inclusive redevelopment for the betterment of Mumbai city and all its stakeholders through slum redevelopment. With this prime agenda Omkar, over the years, has managed to emerge as a role model for inclusive and progressive redevelopment in city’s slum rehabilitation space. An estimated 7-8 million of Mumbai’s resident population is today living in denials facing extremely challenging circumstance. This Vision of Omkar has helped in transforming the lives of over 50,000 residents for whom living in slums was like a bad dream being transformed into improved living conditions. Another 1,00,000 residents from different slums across Mumbai are going to witness the change in their lives soon which is in sync with Omkar’s belief in the doctrine of inclusive redevelopment as a progressive solution to make Mumbai a slum-free and highly habitable city.

Understanding the importance of inclusive redevelopment Omkar Realtors CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) arm Omkar Foundation also is committed to the society. Largely concentrating on inclusive “Redevelopment” of the inhabitants of slums in this maximum city. The said initiative encompasses a host of CSR programs in social, health, education, women empowerment, skill building & vocational training programs. While actively participating in the overall Redevelopment of Mumbai through action groups, the Foundation focuses on Slum Redevelopment on the ground, as this forms a major part of Mumbai developmental need.

In alignment with the vision of the company, Omkar, through all its CSR initiatives, continue to enhance value creation in the society and in the community in which it operates, through its services, conduct and initiatives, promoting sustained growth for the society and community at large, in fulfillment of its role as a Socially Responsible Corporate, with concern for the weaker sections of the society having remained marginalized in the country’s biggest metropolis.

Omkar Realtors program ‘Re-Designing Health’ campaign in partnership with leading International NGO, HelpAge India is taking primary health care services to slum dwellers in the slum pockets across the length and breadth of the city. These slums pocket largely Omkar sites being Malad, Parksite – Powai Extension, Bhoiwada, Mahim, Dhobighat, Worli, Majaswadi- Jogeshwari and other slum areas. As an entity Omkar Foundation ensures good health accessible to the slum dwellers which in line with our CSR aim to provide positive health for all with the prime objective to provide free need-based primary health care services.

Secondly, Omkar under its Foundation banner is also committed to shaping the future of the young in the slums and has created programs called ‘Re-designing Futures’ providing Vocational Training across many of its SRA sites. The training centers aim to cover areas such as Computers (MS-Office, CorelDraw, PageMaker, and Tally), Electrical work, Tailoring, Cell-phone repair, Life Skills, spoken English as well as carpentry, welding, electricians, car /bike mechanics, plumbing, cooking, driving, security, retail, hairdressing etc.

Omkar Foundation through its CSR initiatives is improving the living conditions of those in slums and creating a positive environment around them helping them to grow in the same society resulting in the inclusive and progressive development of all. Thus Omkar Foundation is creating linkages with various schemes/training programs that will benefit over 1,50,000 slum dwellers who are now beneficiaries of the all the slum rehab projects delivered and to be being delivered by Omkar Realtors.

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