Redefining Mumbai’s Skyline: World’s Tallest SRA Towers by Omkar Realtors

Mumbai’s prominent real estate developer, Omkar Realtors, has achieved a significant milestone in the SRA (Slum Rehabilitation Authority) housing sector by initiating the delivery of rehabilitative residences within the world’s tallest rehabilitation towers situated at the iconic Dhobi Ghat in Mahalaxmi, Mumbai. This remarkable endeavour marks the commencement of a transformative journey for around 1,000 families, who are now stepping into their new homes. Phase 1 of this ambitious project at Saibaba Nagar, Mahalaxmi, not only offers residential units but also encompasses 19 retail establishments. This initial phase of the project’s handover is housed within two towers, constituting an approximate total of 5000 residents from societies neighbouring the Dhobi Ghat area.

Manifesting under the umbrella of the Maharashtra government’s visionary slum rehabilitation scheme, this undertaking is poised to ultimately accommodate approximately 16,000 slum residents across multiple phases. The Dhobi Ghat, a globally renowned site, stands as one of the largest open-air laundries globally, with a significant portion of the local populace engaged in laundry-related services. The project’s footprint spans an expansive 12 acres of prime land nestled within the upscale Mahalaxmi vicinity of south Mumbai. Notably, the luxury housing units offer breathtaking vistas that overlook the prestigious racecourse and the azure expanse of the Arabian Sea.

A strategic partnership between Omkar Realtors and Developers and Piramal Realty has given rise to this transformative project, which primarily aims to uplift the lives of dhobis and the individuals engaged in auxiliary activities such as dyeing, drying, transportation, and ironing. Although the project site is situated more than 150 metres away from the heritage Dhobi Ghat, it remains committed to preserving the area’s inherent charm.

This comprehensive slum rehabilitation initiative sets a new standard for redevelopment with its emphasis on state-of-the-art construction techniques. The development intelligently allocates space for welfare centres, society offices, and balwadis (educational facilities). Notably, the project boasts a total of four towers, all equipped with 16 elevators crafted by the renowned German brand Schindler.

Omkar Realtors, under the vision of Omkar Realtors Owner, Babulal Varma has carved a distinctive niche in the arena of slum redevelopment, and this latest achievement reaffirms their commitment to delivering high-quality projects. The completion of over 3,000 houses at the Bhoiwada project in Parel-Sewri, along with more than 16,000 houses in the SRA domain over the past decade, highlights their substantial contributions to the city’s urban transformation.
The Dhobi Ghat region sustains a vibrant economy, with the annual turnover of the dhobi business estimated at around Rs 125 crore. A significant portion of the local populace derives their livelihood from this laundry-based enterprise. However, the younger generation is gradually transitioning away from traditional family businesses due to technological advancements and the increasing mechanisation of washing and drying processes. With a renewed focus on eco-friendly practices, modern dhobis are acquiring skills that conserve water and mitigate potential health hazards, thereby modernising their trade. And with Omkar Group Promoters raising the living standards for these specialists, the future looks brighter than ever.