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Superb DIY Hacks To Make Your Home More Elegant

DIY Home Decor Ideas

What makes a house beautiful? The first thing that comes to our mind is the family that resides in the house. But, along with that, it is also the design, infrastructure, and interior décor that adds to the beauty. In a city like Mumbai, the rise of infrastructure has raised the level of design and décor. Flats in Mumbai are well-built and well-decorated. There are many projects in Mumbai that primarily focus on the interior of the house.

With some superb DIY trends roaring across the globe, you can decorate your house using them and make it more ravishing.

1. Use Floral texture

Floral designs are trending these days, you notice floral prints everywhere. You can add floral texture to your walls by making some flowers out of tissue papers or repurposed papers and put them on a mono-colored wall in whichever pattern you like. Other than this, if you are fond of painting, you can grab some paint roller with floral motives on it and paint the walls using colors of your choice.

2. Hanging Lights

Hanging lights are seen at every corner; most of the project make use of hanging lights to add that glowing yet calm effect to the property. Hanging lights can be made at home using materials like coloured glass bottles, mason jars, cheese grater and warm coloured fairly lights. You just need to take a mason jar, put the fairy light inside it, make a small hole on the lid to take the wire out, and connect the wire to the plug. To hang these, use twine thread.

3. Velvet Covers in Sofas

Luxury apartments in Mumbai include luxurious loveseats and futon sofas covered with velvet in their set of room furniture. The bright and vibrant colours of velvet covers add a colourful and elegant touch to the house. You can make a velvet cover at home for the pillows of your sofas, if you have a hot glue gun or a sewing machine with you. Get some velvet cloth from the market, measure the size of your pillow and cut the cloth according to the size. Now place the pillow on the piece of cloth and just tighten all the ends using a hot glue gun or sewing machine. Cut off the access cloth, and you are left with a velvety pillow.

4. Geometric Design

Innumerous projects in Mumbai are using geometric designs for their infrastructure and even for their décor. Geometric designs break the basic and monotonous design rules, turning a boring and plain house into a unique beauty. To add geometric design to your house, by painting triangles on your wall. You can also make hexagonal shaped shelves out of ice-cream sticks and stick them on the wall.

5. Natural Elements

It is a known fact that natural is far better than artificial and if you are a true believer of it, you can decorate your houses with natural elements. Make a mirror out of seashells, use tree twigs to add structure to your walls, paint small pebbles and place them beside candles to create a soothing atmosphere around your bathing area, grab small saplings and place them on the windows in a colourful pot, etc.

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