Taking a bold stand

Savita was born and brought up in Bhoiwada, Mumbai. She belongs to a joint family. Her father used to be a mill worker at Bombay Dyeing Company and was the sole breadwinner of the family. Savita could manage to get an education only till 8th standard due to financial constraints. She was merely 18 when her family got her married. It was a decision in which she didn’t have much of a say.

Also, the dreams of standing on her own legs never met the face of success as she was embroiled in marital issues. Her husband was an alcoholic and she faced domestic violence. Society pressure was getting to her and she received nothing but neglect from her own father. All this led her to fall into a helpless situation where she was forced to adjust to an unfortunate life with her husband and in-laws.

Unable to live through the struggles thrown at her by her failed marriage, she tried seeking comfort back in her own home and family. But, in vain. Her family tried to convince her to go back to her husband. But she stood her ground and vowed to herself that she would never go back to him.

What proceeded, was her divorcing her husband and continuing another shot at a peaceful life in her home, with her family. She found work as a domestic worker. During one of our mobilization drives by our partner, Save The Children, she met with one of our trainers through whom she gained information about the beauty and wellness courses. Savita took interest in the beautician course right away and started attending it.

Though she had some difficulties with reading and writing, she was very keen to learn. And with lots of hard work and determination, she successfully completed the course.

Currently, she is providing beautician services to clients at their homes and making a good earning. She is very happy with her newfound independence and her ability to support her parents. However, she still wants to continue on the path of learning by pursuing advance training and honing her skills.