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Taking up responsibilities the right way

Taking up responsibilities the right way

Misbah Malik stays with her family - father, mother and her younger brother in a Kharghar slum. Misbah’s mother is suffering from a neurological illness for which she is receiving treatment from J.J hospital, Mumbai. Her father is a taxi (Uber) driver and his monthly salary is Rs. 12,000/-.

Her father's earnings were only sufficient enough to fulfill the family's basic needs. Misbah understood his struggle and wanted to help him support the family in whichever way she could. Then one day, she came to enquire about our training program at the Sewri Bhoiwada centre. There, she met with a trainer who informed her about the courses they offered and their benefits.

During their first interaction, Misbah told the trainer about her financial condition and that she would not be able to pay for the course. However, that didn't pose as an issue. She started attending the beautician course. Misbah was very particular about her attendance. Though was keen to learn, confidence and communication skills were the two qualities she had to work on a bit harder.

Trainers are trained to conduct life skill sessions along with beauty and wellness courses. The training in life skills is what enables the trainers to build a good connection with the women and understand their concerns. Over time, Misbah started to share her family concerns with the trainer. Our trainer regularly interacted with her which helped her calm her nerves and focus on her goals. Towards the end of the program, she felt and appeared more confident. She was able to raise concerns and voice her views without any hesitations.

Currently she works at Vivo Beauty Salon, Nerul, where she earns a monthly salary of Rs 6000/-. She is grateful to Omkar Foundation for providing her the training because of which she is now able to support her family. By helping many such women realize their dreams and potential, Omkar Foundation aims to strike the right balance between both men and women and contribute towards a better society.

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