Top Amenities That Make Omkar Alta Monte Stand Out From Other Residential Projects

Omkar Alta Monte by Omkar Realtors & Developers Pvt. Ltd. Is a stunning development that stands out from other projects in Mumbai due to its impressive range of top-of-the-line lifestyle amenities. Omkar Alta Monte offers an indulgence called life for its residents, and today we’ll take a closer look at these features and many more that make Omkar Alta Monte one of the most sought-after living spaces in the city!


Omkar Alta Monte offers you direct access to the city through the Western Express Highway. It makes it incredibly easy for residents to reach their homes without navigating through crowded streets or facing traffic congestion.

The direct connection with one of Mumbai’s busiest roads also means that commuting becomes hassle-free and more convenient, especially if you work in a location near the highway. Whereas the Line 7 Metro Station is bang opposite the project, giving commuters instant access to the fastest mode of transportation in the city. You can bid goodbye to long hours stuck in traffic, allowing you more time to spend with family doing activities that matter. 

Furthermore, this accessibility factor also adds value for those travelling outside Mumbai frequently. The domestic airport is just 20 minutes away from Omkar Alta Monte via the same route, making travel easier and less stressful.

Having a direct access point from such a prominent road provides convenience and ease of living unparalleled compared to other residential projects in Mumbai.


Omkar Realtors & Developers Pvt. Ltd is known for providing luxurious amenities to its residents, and the Sky Lounge at Omkar Alta Monte is no exception. The Sky Lounge lets you get away from mundane brick walls giving your eyes the freshness they yearn for. 

This lounge provides a perfect spot for relaxation, socialising, or even private parties. Residents can unwind after a long day with their favourite drink in hand while enjoying stunning views of Mumbai city.

Moreover, this lounge serves as an excellent place to watch over the green scape of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park while sipping delicious cocktails. It’s safe to say that true leisure awaits you at Omkar Alta Monte. 


The Infinity pool at Omkar Alta Monte is one of the most luxurious amenities that this residential project offers. The pool boasts an elegant design and a breathtaking view of Mumbai’s skyline, making it a perfect spot for relaxation after a long day.

The edgeless design of the deep blue pool creates an illusion that the water extends to infinity. Giving guests an unobstructed view of the surrounding landscape while they swim or lounge by the poolside, watching the sky melt into the calm waters surrounding them.


One of the top amenities that makes Omkar Alta Monte stand out from other residential projects is its energising Aqua Gymnasium. This gymnasium provides a unique and refreshing workout experience that combines the benefits of swimming with traditional exercise equipment.

The Aqua Gymnasium features state-of-the-art resistance machines, which take advantage of water’s natural buoyancy to provide low-impact exercises that are easy on joints and muscles. The combination of resistance training and water aerobics creates a dynamic workout routine that challenges both strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Aside from being an effective workout method, exercising in water also has several health benefits. It can help reduce stress on joints, improve circulation, enhance flexibility, boost endurance levels, and aid in weight loss efforts.

The Energising Aqua Gymnasium at Omkar Alta Monte offers residents an exceptional fitness experience that promotes health and wellness in a luxurious setting.


One of the many amenities that make Omkar Alta Monte stand out from other residential projects is its elevated jogging track. This unique feature allows residents to jog or walk amidst a stunning view of Mumbai’s skyline.

The jogging track has been designed keeping in mind the safety and comfort of the runners. The elevated platform ensures that runners do not have to navigate through traffic, crowds, or uneven surfaces on their run. Helping residents maintain an active lifestyle without having to leave the premises. With hectic work schedules having a facility like this within your apartment complex can be a lifesaver for fitness enthusiasts.


Omkar Alta Monte is not just any ordinary residential project; it’s a luxurious living experience that caters to everyone, including your furry friends. As the pet parents out there know, finding a good space for their pets is always a challenge. But with Omkar Alta Monte’s exclusive dog park and pet crèche, you can rest assured that your furry friend will have ample space to play and socialise.

The dog park offers an open area for dogs of all sizes to run around and socialise with other pups. The pet crèche, on the other hand, provides professional care services while you’re away from home or busy at work. Your beloved fur baby will be taken care of by trained professionals who offer grooming services as well as playtime activities in dedicated indoor/outdoor spaces designed especially for them.

Omkar Alta Monte has proven itself time and again by providing top-notch amenities which cater not only to human residents but also to our furry friends. This level of dedication towards making life better for everyone under one roof truly sets apart Omkar Realtors & Developers Pvt Ltd, led by Babulal Verma from other builders in Mumbai city.


The indoor and outdoor racquet games and sports arcades at Omkar Alta Monte are perfect for sports enthusiasts of all ages. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, this amenity has something to offer everyone.

The indoor court is designed with high-quality flooring that provides excellent grip, ensuring players can move around the court without worrying about slipping. The outdoor courts are equally impressive, with ample space for multiple games to be played simultaneously.

Apart from tennis and badminton courts, there’s also a dedicated squash court where one can enjoy fast-paced matches against friends or family members. And if you prefer table tennis, the sports arcade has got you covered too!

With these amenities in place, residents can stay fit while enjoying their favourite sport without needing to leave the premises. This is a testament to Omkar Alta Monte’s care about not only providing comfortable living spaces but also driving towards offering top-notch recreational facilities that cater to every need of its residents – making it a top choice among builders in Mumbai!


Omkar Realtors has come out with the finest offerings available in Malad East in the form of Omkar Alta Monte–a project that offers unparalleled living experiences embedded in luxury complemented by functional, top-of-the-line amenities.

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