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I/We hereby submit my/our priority booking request to buy the above mentioned apartment/s in the project of Era Realtors Pvt. Ltd. on W.E. Highway, Mumbai. I/we agree that the source of priority booking request/booking once confirmed will not change. I/we agree to all the terms of the Terms and conditions & Disclaimer. I/We have understood the Terms and conditions & Disclaimer and have been legally advised in relation to the same. I accept the terms and conditions therein without any condition and agree to abide by the terms contained therein and I have paid the advance booking amount on this basis only.

I/We hereby authorise Era Realtors Pvt. Ltd. to bank and encash the Cheque/s submitted and I/We understand that in the event of Era Realtors Pvt. Ltd. eventually being unable to allot or if I choose not to seek allotment, I/we shall be refunded the entire cheque amount without any interest within 21 (twenty one) working days from the date of such rejection or cancellation as the case may be.


Era Realtors Pvt. Ltd. has expressly informed you that the selling price/ interest rate/subvention period/ discounts / specification / design /amenity / facility / offer are indicative only and may vary in reality depending on various factors including but not limited to vagaries in home loan interest rate, home loan disbursal, time etc. The selection and allotment of apartment is subject to realization of the deposit, subject to availability and final confirmation from Era Realtors Pvt. Ltd. and allocation of such apartment/s will be at the sole discretion of Era Realtors Pvt. Ltd. Era Realtors Pvt. Ltd. at its sole discretion may choose to return the expression of interest (deposits) without assigning any reason whatsoever. Era Realtors Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to release only a specific number of apartment/s under this offer or alternatively may increase the number of apartments under the offer, without any prior intimation to you. The statements, information and opinions expressed or provided in this presentation/ marketing collaterals/brochures and any other subsequent information provided is intended only as a guide. Details given in this presentation are neither an offer nor a contract. Statements in this release may involve a number of risks, uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those suggested by the said statements. Era Realtors Pvt. Ltd. undertakes no obligation to update the statements made by it to reflect events or circumstances. This document is confidential to the addressee and is not to be subject of communication or reproduction wholly or in part. All marketing collaterals/brochures are indicative and are conceptual in nature only. Errors & Omissions Excepted.

Project registered with MahaRERA. Registration No.: P1800010463 available at website:

Booking amount is only Rs. 54,000 per apartment