Omkar Realtors’ Success in Delivering 3,000 SRA Homes in Bhoiwada: Transforming Lives in Mumbai

In a remarkable achievement, Mumbai’s leading SRA developer, Omkar Realtors, has surpassed expectations by delivering a record-breaking 3,000 rehab units in its Bhoiwada residential project. With its commitment to transforming slum pockets and providing high-quality housing, Omkar Realtors has emerged as a beacon of hope for thousands of slum dwellers. This blog explores their journey, the project’s impact, and the company’s dedication to creating a better future for Mumbai’s marginalized communities.

The Transformation of Bhoiwada

Situated in the Parel-Sewri belt, the Bhoiwada project, a joint venture between Omkar Realtors & Developers and L&T Realty, has witnessed a remarkable transformation. Initially plagued by overcrowded slums, the project has become one of the city’s most prominent and sought-after residential locations. The sprawling 17-acre site, encompassing Khaprideo and Marwadi Wadi, was once home to 19 societies primarily occupied by labourers and micro traders.

Omkar Realtors & Developers‘ relentless efforts have revitalized this area, providing a new lease of life to over 16,000 slum dwellers. The project aims to house approximately 25,000 individuals by completing the current phase, uplifting an entire community. Such comprehensive redevelopment is a testament to Omkar Realtors’ commitment to social welfare and urban rejuvenation.

Impressive Delivery Schedule

Omkar Realtors and Developers have consistently surpassed expectations with the timely delivery of the Bhoiwada project. Having already handed over 370 rehabilitation units, the company plans to further bolster its efforts. By mid-June 2023, an additional 232 units will be completed, followed by the delivery of 1,400 units by 2025. This ambitious endeavour will result in the construction of 4,600 high-quality homes, making it one of the largest transformed slum pockets in Mumbai.

Crescent Bay: Elevating the Luxury Housing Quotient

Omkar Developers, in partnership with L&T Realty, has taken a holistic approach to the Bhoiwada project. In addition to the rehabilitation units, the development includes luxury housing under the prestigious Crescent Bay brand. With eight towers reaching an impressive height of 40 storeys, these buildings will stand as a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence in construction and design.

Amenities That Set the Standard

The Bhoiwada project distinguishes itself not only through its rehabilitation efforts but also through its world-class amenities. Omkar Realtors has left no stone unturned in ensuring a comfortable and modern living experience for the residents. With branded elevators from Schindler, premium Somany brand tiles, and the expert craftsmanship of Larsen and Toubro (L&T), renowned for luxury housing developments, the project sets a new benchmark for quality living.

Beyond Housing: Community Development

Omkar Realtors understands that successful community development extends beyond housing. As part of its comprehensive approach, the Bhoiwada project has paved the way for 25 Balawadis, providing educational opportunities for the residents’ children. Furthermore, the project has resulted in freeing six DP roads and establishing a municipal school. These initiatives emphasize Omkar Realtors’ owner Babulal Varma commitment to holistic development, fostering a thriving community.

A Legacy of Empowerment

The success of the Bhoiwada project is not an isolated achievement for Omkar Realtors and Developers. Over the course of the past 10 years, the company has rehabilitated over 1 lakh slum dwellers across Mumbai, transforming some of the largest slum communities. Through its unwavering dedication to providing high-quality housing and restoring public spaces, Omkar Realtors has become a symbol of hope for marginalised communities in the city.


Omkar Realtors’ journey in delivering 3,000 SRA homes in Bhoiwada showcases their unwavering commitment to uplifting marginalised communities. By transforming slum pockets into vibrant residential areas, the company has provided shelter and empowered individuals and families. The Bhoiwada project is a testament to the positive impact of socially conscious development on society. Omkar Realtors continues to set new standards in the real estate industry, making a profound difference in the lives of countless people across Mumbai.