Omkar Realtors owner Babulal Varma’s vision for the future of real estate

Welcome to the world of real estate, where every dream begins with a vision. Today, we are going to talk about one such visionary who has redefined the real estate industry in India – Babulal Varma, Omkar Realtors Owner. With over three decades experience in this field and innovative approach in Redevelopment segment, Babulal Varma is a name that resonates with excellence and innovation.

Who is Omkar Realtors owner Babulal Varma?

Babulal Varma is a prominent figure in the Indian real estate industry, known for his exceptional leadership qualities and innovative approach. As the founding promoter of  Omkar Realtors, India’s leading redevopment firm, he is playing a critical role in implementing government’s vision to make Mumbai slum-free and also enabling vertical luxury becoming a part of Mumbai’s skyline.

Until he started his company in 2003, Varma was in the contracting business. His family has been in the construction business for the last three generations across Rajasthan and Gujarat.  To his credit, early stage of his career focused on fast-tracked industrial construction and revamping of royal havelis.

Not academically inclined but nurturing entrepreneurship goals, Varma was married off immediately after graduating and put to work in the family business. The family had moved to Gujarat by now but kept making frequent trips to Maharashtra to work in the industrial areas of Mumbai.

Nursing high aspirations, the ambitious youngster couldn’t see himself becoming a contractor for small projects. Powered by his observation, intuition and risk-taking ability, he partnered with the client-cum-owner of a steel rolling mill at Wada, Kamal Kishore Gupta who was impressed with is contracting work and believed in his redevelopment vision for Mumbai market; resulting in the birth of Omkar Realtors & Developers.

Back in 2002, when Varma’s company bought the rights to redevelop a chawl in the up-and-coming micro market of Parel in Mumba, he adopted practices unlike any other developer had ever before. While others relied on money and muscle power while dealing with residents to push their development agenda, Varma keenly addressed the resident’s woes and wishlist dwelling deep into nitty-gritties which reflected a humane and potentially capable image. And the initial series of projects implemented by him surpassed the residents expectations and from there he and his company never looked back; paving a journey resulting in the company’s market leadership in redevelopment space.

What is his vision for the future of real estate?

Omkar Realtors owner Babulal Varma has a clear vision for the future of real estate. He believes that the industry needs to embrace innovation and technology in order to stay relevant and adapt to changing needs of consumers and ecosystem.

One area where Varma sees potential is in green building practices and vertical habitation without sacrificing lifestyle amenities. He believes sustainable construction methods will become increasingly important as more people become aware of their environmental impact. This means using materials and techniques that are energy-efficient, recyclable, and non-toxic.

Another trend that Varma predicts will shape the future of real estate is urbanization. As cities continue to grow, there will be greater demand for compact living spaces that are affordable and convenient. Developers who can create smart solutions for small apartments and shared spaces could have an advantage in this market.

Varma’s vision for the future of real estate is one where technology, sustainability, and customer-centricity through teamwork, excellence, equality, inclusion, and integrity takes center stage. It remains to be seen how these trends will play out over time but it’s clear that they will fundamentally reshape how we think about housing development going forward.


Babulal Varma’s vision for the future of Mumbai’s real estate is promising while posing a major challenge. He believes in creating innovative and sustainable living spaces that cater to the needs and desires of modern-day homebuyers along with weakest segment of the society namely slum communities. His focus on technology, design, and customer satisfaction has put Omkar Realtors at the forefront of the real estate industry of Mumbai with industry and government acknowledging its redevelopment prowess.

Through his leadership and commitment to excellence, Babulal Varma has transformed Omkar Realtors into a leading developer in Mumbai’s real estate market. With ambitious projects like Omkar Alta Monte, Signet by Omkar, Lawns & Beyond, Omkar 1973, Dhobi Ghat redevelopment, he is not only shaping the skyline of Mumbai but also setting new benchmarks in vertical living standards.It will be exciting to see how Babulal Varma continues to lead Omkar Realtors toward greater heights while keeping his eye on sustainability and innovation in this ever-changing industry. It’s safe to say that with him at the helm, we can expect nothing but greatness from Omkar Realtors!